College Football Pick 'Ems Rules

Get Ready To Make Your College Football Picks For The Upcoming Season

Each week, YOU pick the winners from the available match-ups.

Each correct pick you make earns points!


Each week there will be 15 games.

Each week, there will be a "Game of the Week," from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac-10 and SEC conferences. Each "Game of the Week," will be worth 5 points each. The other 10 games will come from any conference in Division I. These 10 games are worth 1 point each. That makes a possibility of 35 points each week. All games are selected by a third party.

Regular Season:

Weekly match-ups will be posted every Sunday night (except Week #2 when the match-ups will be posted on Monday night due to a Monday night game) and will be available until 12AM the day of the first game for that week (so Wednesday at midnight if there is a Thursday game). Picking your winners must be done during this time. You will receive a reminder each week of the exact deadline date.

However, if you do not get your picks in by midnight the night that there due, you will still have until the first game’s kick-off to get your picks to me, BUT, it will come at (-3) penalty. So from midnight the night they're due until the kick-off of game one for that week, you can still get your picks to me, it will just cost you three points.

Each participant will be notified of everyone's picks to keep track of weekly progress. Notifications are sent out the next day.

Correct guesses will be marked in the win column and incorrect guesses are marked in the loss column. ALL games are counted as 1 loss if picked incorrectly, regardless if the game is a 1 or 5 point game.

Bonus Points:

Correctly picking ALL games in a given week earns you 5 bonus points. This bonus will increase by 5 points consecutively each week for as long as the streak continues. FYI: There has only been one person to get all games in a week correct (Titteh Mrehs '09).

A bonus can also be earned if you are the only person within a givin week to guess a game correctly. Being the sole person to get a game correct earns a team three (+3) points in one point games and two (+2) points for "Games of the Week." So, for example, if you were the only person to pick Nevada to beat UNLV and Nevada does in fact win, you would get the one (+1) for getting the game correct and the three (+3) point bonus for being the only person to get the game correct for a total of 4 points. Of course, that would be seven (+7) if it was a "Game of the Week."

The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th weeks of the season are known as bonus weeks and give you a chance to earn a few more points. One game is selected during these weeks and you have the chance to guess what the combined final score will be. (example: LSU 45 UW 14 = total points of 59.) If you guess right on the number of points scored that's 4 points. Coming within 5 points of the final score gives you an extra 2 bonus points. And coming within 7 points of the final score will get you 1 bonus point. The points of course will go in the wins column and there is nothing charged to the loss column for guessing.


Pay-outs for the league will be determined by how many people we end up with. The cost to play is $65. $50 goes toward league play, $10 goes toward the bowl picks at the end of the season and the other $5 goes toward league fees. (I can't do this at a loss). If you would like to see the pay-out schedule and you are part of the league, let me know and I will send it to you.

The top three players at the end of the season are payed out based on number of wins. League standings have NO EFFECT on pay-outs for the regular season. Standings are only to determine who makes the bowl picks. The top 2 players from each division will be allowed to make bowl picks free of charge! There will also be a “wild-card” 5th birth into the Bowl Pick’Ems section. So that means that the top 2 teams from each division make it to the Bowl Picks and then the person with the next best record, regardless of division, will be the 5th and final person.

There can only be two winners from each division and a wild card for The Bowl Picks. Those who did not qualify for Bowl Picks in the regular season, but wish to pick on the bowl games, can do so for $25 (see below for more details).

Bowl Pick'Ems:

At the end of the season, the top two (2) teams from each division and one (1) wild card team will make the Bowl Pick'Ems. Anyone else who wishes to play that didn't qualify may do so for $25. The Bowl Pick'Ems section is similar but also just a little different. The games are weighted according to how important they are. With the lower games being worth less and the more important games being worth more.

It's the same basic thing that you go through during the regular season. All point values are in the bowl game's logo. The bonus will be listed at the bottom of the picks with their point values attached.

ALL BONUS QUESTIONS WHERE YOU MUST GUESS THE TOTAL POINTS SCORED WILL BE SCORED THE SAME AS IT WAS DURING THE REGULAR SEASON!! +4 points for being right on the total number of points scored. +2 points for being with in 5 of the final score and +1 point for being with in 7 of the final score.

In case of a tie, the last tie breaker will be used as a "closest to the hole" tie-breaker. This means; the person that is closest to the actual final score with their guess, is the winner. If there is still a tie, the previous game in which you guessed the total score will be used. If, after all of the games in which you guess the total score have been used and there is still a tie, the person with the BEST regular season record will be awarded the winner.


In the case of a tie at the end of the season for EITHER pay-outs OR to qualify for the bowl picks, the following tie-breakers will be used in the order below:

1.) Number of losses. (Least number of losses is the winner.)

2.) Number of correct "Games of the Week" picked. (How many times were the games of the week picked correctly.)

3.) Number of points earned off of bonus week games. (During the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th weeks, how many points were earned towards wins.)

4.) If by chance there is still a tie, one of the following will happen:
  a.) If the spot in question is for money, both persons have the option of spliting the prize money and that can include the two amounts. (Example: There is a tie for first, the two players can combine the first and second prize and split that money. This option is given ONLY after the first three tie-breakers did not break a tie and not before.)
  b.) If the spot in question is for a berth into the bowl round the players have the option of paying a smaller $5 charge each to get into the bowl round OR if that is not agreed upon then a coin flip will determine the winner.

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