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Keep track of the Bobby D Show Fantasy Football League standings

Year 3 of The Bobby D Show Fantasy Football League is here. The Divisions are set and we are ready to play. This year's Bobby D Show Fantasy Football League is sponsored by Winner's Circle and New York Richie's in Island City!

Weekly prizes will be given out AND this year we have a pre-paid $200 MasterCard for our winner! This year we will also post the weekly scores here so you can see how everyone is doing! The Oregon All-Stars were last year's winner and Andy is looking for a repeat. The trophy pictured in the ad on the front page is the actual trophy that we are playing for. Come by the station at any time to check it out! Thanks for checking out the 3rd season of The Bobby D Show Fantasy Football League!

Regular Season Records

Football Fridays Leaderboard
Grande Division W L GB
Diesel Dogs 2 0 -
LG Painterboyz 2 0 -
Lowe's_Blows 1 1 1
Oregon All Stars 0 2 2
Metal Maulers 0 2 2

Football Fridays Leaderboard
Ronde Division W L GB
Brickwall 2 0 -
raiders-rule 1 1 1
Classic Rock Kings 1 1 1
Ross is Boss 0 2 2
Raider Haters 0 2 2

Week #3 Match-Ups and Final Scores

LEGACY LEGENDS (2-0) vs. Ross is Boss (0-2)

Classic Rock Kings (1-1) vs. Raider Haters (0-2)

Metal Maulers (0-2) vs. Diesel Dogs (2-0)

Lowe's_Blows (1-1) vs. LG Painterboys (2-0)

Brickwall (2-0) vs. raiders-rule (1-1)

Oregon All-Stars (0-2) vs. LEATHAL WEAPONS (1-1)


This week I really like the match-up between Oregon All-Stars and LEATHAL WEAPONS. Last year's Champion is still looking for his first win and LEATHAL is coming off a huge week, where he got high points for the week. This match-up looks good to me. Although LEATHAL is favored by almost 32 points I don't expect that to actually happen. Look for the game to be much closer than that! Good luck to everyone this week!

Week #2 Match-Ups and Final Scores

Ross is Boss 80.0 vs. Classic Rock Kings 87.9

raiders-rule 104.0 vs. LEGACY LEGENDS 119.4

Raider Haters 27.8 vs. Brickwall 76.3

Diesel Dogs 120.9 vs. Oregon All-Stars 83.7

LG Painterboys 78.7 vs. Metal Maulers 52.6

LETHAL WEAPONS 133.8 vs. Lowe's_Blows 82.2


This week I like the way the match-up between raiders-rule and LEGACY LEGENDS. Both team are coming off wins and raiders-rule scored a lot of points as did LEGACY. In the predictions raiders-rule is favored by 2 points. This looks to be a really good and close match-up.

Week #1 Match-Ups and Final Scores

Diesel Dogs 80.2 vs. LEATHAL WEAPONS 74.9

Metal Maulers 62.5 vs. Lowe's_Blows 74.9

Brickwall 94.7 vs. Ross is Boss 53.7

Raider Haters 70.8 vs. raiders-rule 99.5

Classic Rock King 84.5 vs. LEGACY LEGENDS 98.5

Oregon All-Stars 66.1 vs. LG Painterboys 67.1


This week is interesting because the two teams that played for the title last year, meet is Week #1. The Oregon All-Stars were the champions last year and beat what is now the LG Painterboys. Painterboys will be looking for revenge this week and a chance to get back what they lost in last year's championship game. Make sure to check back each week for our new Match up of the Week!

Oregon Allstars (10-6) 2007 Bobby D Show Fantasy Football Champions

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